What is Doitfruit ?

Doitfruit is a delicious “fruit topping with pieces of natural fruit” designed to add fruit and flavour in an easy, healthy and fun way wherever you wish.

Devise your delicious fruit moments with Doitfruit, the most original, practical and enjoyable way to create tasty and healthy fruit combinations by including them in your favourite desserts, snacks, breakfasts or afternoon tea. You will find it ideal for adding to your yogurt, ice cream, cakes, pancakes, muffins, fresh cheese, toasts and more. Let your imagination run free!

Make combinations to your taste by adding however much you want whenever you want and turn your favourite dishes into “fruit delight”

Doitfruit is 100% natural and healthy food, the result of a complex and meticulous preparation process. You will be surprised by its unique texture, the smooth creaminess of a fruit base fused with nice and tasty pieces of natural fruit. An innovative, high-quality, healthy and natural product.

It comes in handy 200g doypack containers with the opening in the corner for easy dispensing. Furthermore, the packaging is hygienic and convenient, does not occupy much space in the fridge and is very easy and safe to carry.

Doitfruit is perfectly preserved until opened at room temperature for 12 months. Once opened, it should be kept refrigerated.


  • Strawberry and red berries
  • Mango and Orange
  • Honey with dried apricots and raisins
  • Lemon and Mint

Add a touch of flavour to your favourite foods with DOITFRUIT, topping made from natural fruit

The only one doypack (pouch) with pieces of natural fruit. NO added sugar, NO fat, NO preservatives or artificial colouring.

Contains no allergens as it is a product with NO gluten, NO milk and NO egg