Nutrition experts from different countries have searched the way to transform dietetics recommendations promulgated by the OMS into concrete foods and the best way to prepare them. Most of them have determined that the Mediterranean diet follows most of the OMS recommendations and, therefore, is a practical example of how a healthy diet should be.


So, we are lucky. Our eating habits are a health advantage, because, in general terms, we comply with the parameters of food types proportions. The consumption of fruits and vegetables, together with carbohydrates, is the central concept of a balanced nutrition.

According to the latest data published by the Ministry of Agriculture, the consumption of fruits and vegetables in Spain is 187 kilos per person and year, from which, 101 kilos correspond to the consumption of just fruit.

But, which is the favorite fruit for Spanish households? The title of the article shows it, without doubt, it’s the orange.

During 2014, 670 million kilos of oranges were consumed, banana was the second more consumed fruit but the amount is far below, 354 million kilos consumed.

We’ve taken note of it and created an orange and mango Doitfruit. Mix it with yogurt and cereals and get a balanced tasty and easy to prepare breakfast.

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