Technology is present in all areas of our life. Without realizing it, technology improves our lives and makes it much easier. The packaging industry has incorporated the technology in their I+D department and has made great progresses in the latest years inventing ecological containers, since they take up less empty space and allow the full use of the product. The new packs have not only achieved but also improved food preservation.

The food industry and large distribution works aligned with the packaging sector to take advantage of the benefits they offer.


An example is what the food industry termed as doypack packaging. These thermos bags seals can reduce the space in the refrigerator in relation to the bricks. During the manufacturing process they are filled through the base and not by the opening of the nozzle (that stopple it easily during the packaging process) and, therefore, this has allowed innovation in the forms and textures of the product.

And that’s how we came up with the idea of ​​adding fruit pieces in each pack of Doitfruit. For the first time, we can find pieces of fruit in a product not to eat with spoon!



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