• 2 Greek yogurts (or natural yogurts)
  • 250 ml mounted cream
  • 75 gr sugar
  • A mango and orange Doitfruit

Preparation of the yogurt ice cream

Whisk the cream until semi mounted. Our advice: you need the cream to be very cold for a better result.

Mix the yogurt with the sugar in another bowl. Add it to the semi mounted cream and mix to get a creamy mass.

Put the mixture into a metallic tin (as flat as possible to cool it faster). Cover with transparent film wrap and put it in the freezer. Mix the mixture every half hour during the first three hours, to break the ice crystals.

Serve the ice creams in glasses covering the bottom with mango and orange Doitfruit, to have a healthy and nutritious dessert with two textures.


You can also decorate with other fruits such as strawberries, cranberries or a few mint leaves.


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